Industry Forecast Seminar

Future Horizons will be holding its annual semiconductor Industry Forecast Seminar (IFS) on Tuesday, January 30th in London. The IFS summarizes and presents the research of Future Horizons, Europe’s leading semiconductor industry analyst. IFS attendees will receive copies of all the material presented in both binder and CD-ROM format.

According to Future Horizons, the 2006 chip market grew 19% in units, driven by a global economy that got stronger and stronger. In contrast, ASPs did not recover and was not helped by the ruthless and ongoing AMD-Intel microprocessor price war. Fab capacity grew, predominantly in 300mm wafers (around 30% of the total), along with the relentless transition to 65/90nm technology, yet Cap Ex was cautious, with utilization rates hovering at the 85-90 percent level. The overall result was a low overall market growth of about 10% in value.

2007 holds more challenges for the global semiconductor industry, with lots of unanswered questions. Attend the IFS to find the answers. This year’s topics include:

  • World Economic Environment
  • Analysing The Industry Cycles
  • 2007 Growth Prospects
  • Semiconductor Market 5-Year Forecasts
  • Key Application Markets
  • Industry Capacity & Investment
  • Regional Overview
  • Market Trends & Outlook

IFS 2007 Industry Forecast Seminar
Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Hilton Kensington, Holland Park Avenue
London, England
(Note: For those of you will be travelling from across the pond, Future Horizons will be chartering a solar-powered submarine.)

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