New on Embedded Star – 2006.12.08

  • NI CompactRIO Real-Time Controller
    The National Instruments cRIO-9012 embedded real-time controller features an industrial 400 MHz Freescale MPC5200 real-time processor for deterministic and reliable real-time applications. The NI cRIO-9012 contains 64 MB of DRAM memory and 128 MB of nonvolatile storage. The embedded controller is designed for extreme ruggedness, reliability, and low power consumption with dual 9 to 35 VDC supply inputs that deliver isolated power to the CompactRIO chassis/modules and a -40 to 70 °C operating temperature range. The cRIO-9012 accepts 9 to 35 VDC power supply inputs on power-up and 6 to 35 VDC power supply inputs during operation, so it can function for long periods of time in remote applications using a battery or solar power.
  • Microchip Flash PIC Microcontrollers
    Microchip’s 14-pin PIC16F616/610 and the 8-pin PIC12F615/609 microcontrollers can substantially reduce system component counts and costs through the integration of specialized peripherals, such as a full-bridge Pulse-Width Modulator (PWM) with deadband control, a Timer1 Gate for pulse width measurement, a comparator for hall-effect sensor interfaces, and an A/D converter for temperature and various monitoring functions. In the case of the PIC16HV616/610 and PIC12HV615/609 variants, the addition of an internal shunt regulator allows the PIC microcontroller to run from higher voltage rails without the addition of voltage regulators.
  • TI TMS320DM643x DaVinci Processors
    Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) is sampling four new digital signal processor (DSP)-based digital media processors priced as low as $9.95. These DaVinci processors are tuned for specific markets, including automotive vision, video security and video telephony.
  • Atmel AT90SC256144RCFT Microcontroller
    The AT90SC256144RCFT is a dual-interface contact (ISO7816) and contactless (ISO/IEC14443) secure microcontroller that is compliant with the new International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) specifications for e-passports. This product has been designed to meet common criteria EAL5+ security certification (BSI protection profile).