WiMAX Challenging 3G

considering investing in WiMAXAccording to a report by Pyramid Research, 78% of operators surveyed said they have considered an investment in WiMAX. Sixty-two percent of those operators plan to invest in WiMAX as soon as next year, with nearly 10% suggesting an investment level of more than US$100 million.

The report, Can WiMAX Challenge 3G? Performance, Economics and Opportunities, examines real-world examples of pre-WiMAX deployments and reviews practical issues such as time-to-market, business models and pricing, device availability, economics of scale and spectrum availability. All of these factors are evaluated and summarized to answer the burning question—can WiMAX challenge 3G?

Pyramid Research believes the answer will eventually be determined by the operator community. According to Pyramid Research, 3G platforms will likely remain dominant in mature markets. However, their analysis of OPEX and CAPEX shows that mobile WiMAX can make significant inroads in high-growth developing countries if it can live up to its promise, particularly on the economics front.

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