News – 2006.12.04 – Early Edition

  • Hynix Creates Fastest and Smallest 200MHz 512Mb Mobile DRAM
    Hynix Semiconductor, Inc. announced it has developed the world’s fastest and smallest 512Megabit mobile DRAM. This product meets the JEDEC standards and operates at the world’s fastest speed of 200MHz.
  • ZTE, Digit Wireless Develop Fastap-Enabled Mobile Devices
    Digit Wireless, Inc., the innovators of Fastap(TM), a patented keypad design technology, today announced that ZTE is licensing Fastap to facilitate the increased demand for a simple and intuitive mobile device interface by mobile operators that are trying to increase adoption and use of all wireless data services.
  • VaST Academic Program Educates Students in Embedded Design
    VaST Systems, the technology leader in embedded design, announced the VaST Academic Program which allows selected universities and other academic institutions to receive VaST technology free for educational and some research purposes.
  • Jinvani Systech Introduces SD Designer for SD Host Driver Development
    Jinvani Systech, the World leader in SD flash memory / SDIO development and testing technology, announces a unique development tool allowing users to use their own easy to write scripts to develop or validate SD/SDIO devices without going through a complex process of device driver development. It means much easier and quicker completion of SD / MMC/ SD/IO engineering projects.
  • Tundra Semiconductor Reports Revenue of $22 Million for Recent Quarter
    Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (TSX:TUN), the leader in System Interconnect, reported financial results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2007, which ended October 29, 2006.

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