Mentor Graphics Technology Leadership Awards

Mentor GraphicsMentor Graphics kicked off its annual Technology Leadership Awards contest earlier in the week. The contest was started by Mentor in 1989 and is the longest running competition of its kind for PCB designers in the electronic design automation (EDA) industry. It recognizes engineers and CAD designers who use Mentor’s technology applications to address today’s complex PCB systems design challenges and produce industry-leading products. The contest will be judged by experts in the PCB design and manufacturing industry.

The categories for the contest are:

  • PC computers and peripherals
  • Consumer electronics and handhelds
  • Industrial control, instrumentation, security and medical
  • Military and aerospace
  • Telecom switches, network servers, base stations and computer mainframes
  • Transportation and automotive

Mentor’s Technology Leadership Award contest is open to any designs created with Mentor’s PCB solutions, including the Board Station(R), Expedition(TM) Enterprise and PADS(R) design flows. Judging will be based on overcoming complexity challenges, such as small form factor, high-speed content, design team collaboration, advanced PCB fabrication technologies and design cycle time reduction. Bribes will not be accepted this year.

The contest starts on November 15th and runs until January 19, 2006. Winners will be selected from each of the categories mentioned previously. A winner for best overall design will also be selected. Judging will start in February and the winners will be announced at the PCB Design Conference West in March, 2007.

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