New on Embedded Star – 2006.11.22

  • ADLINK NuPRO-851 Single Board Computer
    The ADLINK NuPRO-851 SBC is a full-size PICMG 1.0 single board computer. The NuPRO-851 Series features an Intel(R) LGA-775 for Pentium(R) 4 with FSB 533/800MHz, dual channel DDR2 memory at speeds of 400/533MHz and an Intel(R) GMA900 graphics core architecture providing up to 2048×1536 resolution with 8.5GB/s peak memory bandwidth.
  • Atmel tinyAVR Flash Microcontrollers – ATtiny261/461/861
    The ATtiny261/461/861 Flash microcontroller devices from Atmel feature high-speed timers targeting battery chargers, sensor end-points, and motor control applications. The devices are pin-compatible, differing only in the size of their Flash, EEPROM and SRAM memories. The ATtiny261 has 2 Kbytes of self-programmable Flash memory, whereas the ATtiny461 and ATtiny861 have 4 Kbytes and 8 Kbytes, respectively. All devices deliver 20 MIPS throughput when running at 20 MHz.