Multi-Format Video Transcoding Webcast

TI is offering a webinar on video transcoding. Transcoding is the ability to take existing video content and change the format, bitrate, and resolution in order to view it on another device. As video continues to expand into portable devices and infotainment systems, the ability for video to be easily transportable and playable on any device will become more important. This also applies to making high definition (HD) content viewable on any video device at any resolution.

Multi-format transcoding will enable the seamless transmission of video content between all types of video devicesCurrently, it is possible to transcoding a single video format. However, there is a need for transcoding many video formats. The key is multi-format transcoding. In order to be successful, future video products will need to able to transcode multiple formats in real-time.

TI thinks it has the answer with its multi-format advanced video codecs and its position as the only single DSP provider performing transcoding. Register for their Video Transcoding Webcast for more information. The webcast will take place on Thursday December 7 (10am CST).

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