Wireless Users Carry Multiple Devices

In-Stat just finished another study that indicates most wireless users carry redundant devices:

  • More than 15% of people carry two wireless phones
  • 80% of the people that have a camera phone also regularly carry their digital camera
  • 75% of SmartPhone users also carry a PDA
  • Over 50% of users of multimedia phones also carry their MP3 player

Here are some other finding in their research:

  • Only 43% of the respondents (all are business users) stated that higher productivity would be obtained with a SmartPhone
  • Many wireless users consider the additional capabilities offered within a wireless device to be a gift for becoming or remaining a subscriber, and not as a tool that is enhanced with real-time data
  • Almost half the respondents believe that they will carry fewer devices by owning a SmartPhone (even though most end up carrying a PDA anyway)

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You can find more information in their report, Repetitive Redundancy: The Consumer’s Tendency to Carry Duplicate Devices. The research covers consumers’ attitudes towards wireless devices and also includes results from In-Stat’s surveys of wireless telecommunications consumers. The report also contains extensive analysis of users’ behaviors regarding wireless devices and services. The price is $1,495 (US).