EDA News – 2006.11.08

  • Aldec Offers SVET Support for Altera’s Stratix III FPGAs
    Aldec, Inc., a pioneer in mixed language simulation and advanced design tools for FPGA and ASIC devices, including the renowned Active-HDL suite of tools, announced today System Verification Environment (SVET) support for Altera Corporation’s (NASDAQ:ALTR) new high-end Stratix III FPGA device family.
  • Synplicity Software Supports Altera’s New Stratix III FPGAs
    Synplicity, Inc. (Nasdaq:SYNP), a leading supplier of software for the design and verification of semiconductors, today announced its industry-leading Synplify Pro(R) FPGA synthesis and Synplify(R) DSP true DSP Synthesis software solutions have been upgraded to support Altera Corporation’s new low-power, high-performance Stratix III FPGAs (announced today by Altera in a separate release). Optimizations to these tools allow designers to achieve aggressive system performance requirements and time-to-market goals, while simultaneously minimizing area.
  • Nucleus Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol Targets Embedded Developers
    Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ:MENT) today announced availability of the Nucleus(R) Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) software. The royalty-free software rounds out Mentor’s virtual private network (VPN) solution which allows software developers to create a secure network connection over the Internet, permitting the exchange of sensitive data such as financial transaction information.
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  • Magma Adds Altera Stratix III Support to Blast FPGA
    Magma(R) Design Automation Inc. (Nasdaq:LAVA), a provider of semiconductor design software, today announced that Blast FPGA(TM), Magma’s industry-leading synthesis tool for programmable logic, is solidifying its entry into the FPGA synthesis market by providing support for the new 65-nanometer (nm) Stratix III FPGA family introduced separately today by Altera Corporation. Early access software is available now from Magma.
  • Mentor Graphics Offers Synthesis Support for Altera Stratix III FPGAs
    Mentor Graphics(R) Corporation, (NASDAQ: MENT), today announced that its suite of advanced synthesis products supports the newly introduced Stratix(R) III field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) from Altera Corporation. Both companies have been in close cooperation to ensure Precision(R) Synthesis support for the full range of Stratix III devices. Beta support for the family is available now, with production support available with the production release of Altera’s Quartus(R) II design software version 6.1.
  • Intel Rolls Out 65nm NOR Flash Multi-Level Cell Products
    Intel Corporation announced today the industry’s first volume shipments of 65-nanometer (nm) NOR flash Multi-Level Cell (MLC) products, including the industry’s first 65nm 1Gigabit (Gb) monolithic part for cell phones. These new products are based on Intel’s StrataFlash(R) Cellular Memory (M18) architecture and are drop-in compatible with Intel’s high-volume, 90nm-based flash chips, ensuring an easy migration path for cellular Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).
  • TI Creates TMP275 Temperature Sensor for Precision Measurement
    Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced a low-power, +/-0.5C accurate, digital-output temperature sensor. The TMP275 is well-suited for precision temperature measurement in a wide range of communications, computer, consumer, environmental, industrial and instrumentation applications.
  • Altera Rolls Out Quartus II Software v6.1 with Stratix III Support
    Altera Corporation (NASDAQ:ALTR) today introduced Quartus(R) II software version 6.1, offering designers superior levels of performance and productivity. The enhanced PowerPlay power optimization tool included in this version was designed in concert with the Programmable Power Technology in Altera(R) Stratix(R) III FPGAs, resulting in total power consumption savings of 50 percent compared to Stratix II FPGAs.
  • Altera Introduces Stratix III FPGA Family
    Altera Corporation (NASDAQ:ALTR) today announced its Stratix(R) III FPGA family, delivering the industry’s lowest power consumption of any high-density, high-performance programmable logic device. Built on TSMC’s 65-nm process, Stratix III FPGAs feature groundbreaking innovations including hardware architecture advancements and Quartus(R) II software enhancements. Working together, these new features deliver 50 percent lower power, 25 percent higher performance and 2x the density compared to previous generation Stratix II devices.
  • RIOLAB Offers RapidIO Device Interoperability Level-3 (DIL-3) Testing
    RIOLAB(TM) Corporation, the world’s first RapidIO Interoperability testing facility, now offers Device Interoperability Level 3 (DIL-3) testing, rounding out its suite of tests designed to demonstrate full device interoperability for RapidIO(R)-based devices. DIL-3 is the final level of interoperability testing, and tests interoperability between specific endpoints and may include a basic level of protocol violation testing.
  • Chipworks Expands in Asia with New Office
    Chipworks Inc., the industry leader in reverse engineering and analysis of semiconductor chips and microelectronic systems, today announced an aggressive expansion drive in the Asia Pacific region with the opening of a new office and the appointment of two industry veterans to executive roles.
  • Live Experience Server Enables Online SYSGO Product Evaluations
    SYSGO, the European vendor of reliable device software, is now offering potential customers the chance to experience its products live from anywhere in the world. SYSGO’s Live Experience Server enables customers to work with SYSGO products on real target hardware without installing demo-versions or dealing with hardware setups.