Microsoft Windows CE 6.0

So, what does Wind River think of Windows CE 6.0?

John Bruggeman, Chief Marketing Officer
“Congratulations Microsoft. Responding to your community? Embracing an open source model in a non-trivial way? These are big, admirable steps I thought I would never personally witness.”

Mike Deliman, Engineering Specialist
“There are hundreds of open-source OS’s – some are even deterministic enough to be ‘hard realtime’. RealTime is basically ‘fast enough to keep up’ – but hard realtime means ‘measurably deterministic’ – not just fast enough to keep up, but measurably and predictably able to keep up with a given load. WinCE 6 makes the claim that it’s hard realtime But… is it really a hard-realtime system? Just claiming you’re ‘RealTime’ isn’t enough.”

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