New on Embedded Star – 2006.11.03

  • Windows Embedded CE 6.0
    Windows(R) Embedded CE 6.0 is a componentized operating system designed from the ground up to power small footprint devices and help developers get them to market fast. Choosing from a wide variety of technology components and pre-existing templates, embedded developers can quickly build hard real-time commercial and consumer electronics devices.
  • PikeOS
    The foundation of PikeOS is a powerful real-time operating system, based on the latest microkernel technology. The microkernel controls access to the hardware, thereby guaranteeing safety. Above the microkernel, the system software implements multiple software partitions on a single CPU, with strict separation between them. Each partition can run an entire operating system such as Linux, POSIX and OSEK or application programs. Inter-partition communication is completely controlled by the system software. PikeOS is extensible and easily configurable.
  • SYSGO ELinOS Real-Time Linux
    ELinOS Real-Time is SYSGO’s Industrial Grade hard real-time Linux solution. ELinOS Real-Time combines the feature richness of Embedded Linux with the safety and hard real-time capabilities of SYSGO’s PikeOS, a separation microkernel based RTOS. ELinOS Real-Time is another milestone in SYSGO’s long-term strategy to provide off the shelf products for the embedded industry.