3G Killer Apps: Mapping and Navigation Services

In a recent survey, In-Stat found that existing and potential 3G customers are much more interested in high-quality mapping and navigation services (such as assisted GPS) than in video. However, technology decisions made in the 1990′s has made it difficult for carriers and handset vendors. In order to tap into this market, 3G carriers will need to expand the availability of compatible handsets.

In a survey of over 1,000 mobile users, In-Stat found the following:

  • Current 3G users are very enthusiastic about the service, which is in marked contrast with other customers who have expressed dissatisfaction with premium applications
  • Customer awareness of 3G is not particularly strong, with over half the respondents indicating they don’t know whether their carrier offers 3G
  • An unprecedented number of respondents—nearly half—indicated that they would consider changing carriers in order to get 3G

The research, titled “3G and Mobile Multimedia“, covers carrier initiatives and marketing of 3G services in North America, Europe and Asia, and includes the results of In-Stat’s survey of North American mobile phone users. The report explores the survey’s results to gauge users’ awareness of 3G, particularly their own carrier’s 3G plans; Uptake of 3G services, both to the handset and using a 3G wireless modem with a laptop computer; and Interest in a variety of applications that have been considered important to 3G’s future.

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