New on Embedded Star – 2006.10.27

  • Flash Drives to Cache in on Windows Vista
    The launch of Windows Vista, Microsoft’s latest OS, in the last quarter of this year may change the computing landscape. One of its intriguing features called ReadyDrive requires the use of hybrid drives. Strictly speaking, this technology centaur is half hard disk drive (HDD), and half solid state disk (SSD) drive. Aiming to exploit the best of both worlds, hybrid drives consists of a rotating magnetic platter for storage, and a non-volatile flash memory chip for caching.
  • Windows Mobile for Automotive
    Windows Mobile for Automotive is a powerful, flexible, and scalable solution that helps the auto industry deliver integrated in-car communication, entertainment, and information systems faster, easier, and at lower cost. Windows Mobile for Automotive gives OEMS and suppliers a complete hardware reference design and software platform with several key advantages.
  • FSMLabs RTLinuxFree
    RTLinux grew out of real-time research and open source development begun at New Mexico Tech almost a decade ago. Today, rock-solid RTLinux technology is deployed in thousands projects across a wide range of applications, including industrial control, instrumentation, communications and networking, aerospace and defense.
  • FSMLabs Carrier Grade RTLinux
    FSMLabs Carrier Grade RTLinux builds on the core capabilities of the company’s well known and highly regarded RTLinux/RTCore technology, combined with a standard 2.6 Linux distribution. FSMLabs was able to achieve OSDL Carrier Grade registration by virtue of the standards compliance and features in the 2.6 kernel, augmented by FSMLabs own value-added technology for real-time threading and high-performance networking. Moreover, to meet expectations of TEMs and NEPs for quality, Carrier Grade RTLinux is validated by FSMLabs state-of-the-art testing and quality assurance systems.