Consumer Electronic Devices Fuel Hard Disk Drives

According to In-Stat, a high-tech market research firm, hard disk drive (HDD) sales will remain strong through 2010. Worldwide shipments will increase from 380 million in 2005 to 748 million in 2010. The Consumer Electronic (CE) segment will continue to be one of the hottest market for hard drives.

However, as Flash capacities continue to grow, Flash drives will continue to threaten the CE market. But at multi-gigabyte sizes, Flash drives becomes very costly for consumer devices.

In a recent study, In-Stat found the following:

  • By 2010, approximately 38% of all HDDs shipped worldwide will go into CE devices
  • Video-capable MP3 players and Portable Media Players are expected to drive continued demand for small form factor HDDs
  • The Personal Video Recorder market is the largest CE application for HDDs today

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You can find more information about their research, “Hard Disk Drives in Consumer Electronics: Demand Remains Strong for Small Form Factors HDDs” on the In-Stat web site.