Validate Your Requirements Through Modeling with DOORS and Rhapsody

By integrating a model driven development environment with requirements-driven development, a developer can ensure that their design meets the requirements completely. Telelogic will show how this can be done with a webcast titled, “Validate Your Requirements Through Modeling with DOORS and Rhapsody.”

The webcast will demonstrate how Telelogic DOORS works with Telelogic Rhapsody to create today’s best practice for controlled, efficient development. With DOORS and Rhapsody, developers can easily visualize, model, and validate requirements to ensure that the design meets the requirements earlier in the lifecycle, all the way down to the source code and tests.

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The live Webcast and product demonstration will show how DOORS and Rhapsody can help:

  • Improve communication and understanding of requirements through visualization
  • Ensure conformance with customer needs and compliance with regulations met through traceability from requirements to design models
  • Determine the impact of requirements changes on designs to ensure nothing is overlooked
  • Validate requirements with stakeholders through simulation of models

The online seminar will take place Wednesday October 18th, 2006 at 8:00am PT (11:00am ET/4:00pm GMT).