EDA News – 2006.10.12

  • Mainline Linux Kernel Gains Real-Time Base Technology
    Basic support for real-time Linux features is now available in the 2.6.18 kernel and will be further extended in future kernel versions. Core technologies related to real-time performance accepted for inclusion into the mainline Linux kernel source have resulted from the leadership of open source contributors such as Red Hat’s Ingo Molnar and TimeSys Senior Open Source Developer Thomas Gleixner. These key technologies submitted by developers at companies such as TimeSys, Red Hat and others are being permanently merged by Linus Torvalds into the mainline Linux kernel. This marks a significant shift from the traditional approach of having individual kernel developers maintain different real-time patch sets outside of the mainline tree.
  • VaST Systems Promotes Jeff Roane to Vice President of Marketing
    VaST Systems Technology Corporation-the technology leader in embedded design-today announced the promotion of Jeff Roane to the position of vice president of marketing and business development reporting to VaST’s CEO, Alain Labat.
  • VMETRO Introduces VSIPlus DSP C-libraries for PowerPC 744x
    VMETRO announces the availability of VSIPlus, a bundle of C-libraries for DSP processing, optimized for the PowerPC 744x processor. The VSIPlus libraries support VxWorks 5.5 and products such as the Phoenix VPF1 DSP VXS board. The bundle includes VSIPL, CSIPL and VecLib open-standards. In total, the bundle includes over 6,000 DSP functions.
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  • Rabbit Includes ISaGRAF Software in Embedded PLC Application Kit
    ICS Triplex ISaGRAF Inc., the leading automation software technology partner, announced today that its flagship product ISaGRAF is the software of choice for Rabbit Semiconductor’s new Embedded PLC Application Kit.