The Convergence of Embedded Applications in the Digital Home

Mentor Graphics and BluePeach are offering a web seminar titled, “The Convergence of Embedded Applications in the Digital Home.” The online event will take place at 10am (CST) on my birthday, October 24th (no presents please — I insist). The webinar is designed for anyone interested in embedded technology. The seminar will cover various embedded software technologies:

  • UPnP (Universal Plug-n-Play)
  • CIFS (Common Internet File System)
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage)
  • Media Server technologies

Here’s the event’s overview:

The digital home is an evolving consumer market segment in the electronics space that is driving new technologies, standards, and innovative products aimed at delivering digital content over home networks. However, various challenges are posed by this emerging market opportunity for device manufacturers and software vendors alike. Common challenges seen in the deployment of digital home solutions include digital rights management, network bandwidth, content storage, interoperability, dynamic environment, and distributed control.

This Web seminar will focus on how collaborative solutions from Mentor Graphics and BluePeach address these issues. Embedded software technologies such as UPnP (Universal Plug-n-Play), CIFS (Common Internet File System), NAS (Network Attached Storage), Media Server technologies and a plethora of Nucleus solutions have been developed to help solve the challenges device manufactures and developers face when delivering integrated digital home applications.

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Richard Schmitt: CEO and CTO of Blue Peach, which he founded in 2002. He has been key in creating the architecture behind Blue Peach’s Connected Home product line. Prior to founding Blue Peach, Richard was CTO and cofounder of Viridien Technologies, a services firm for the telecommunications industry, and held various management and technology roles at Stratus computer and Digital Equipment Corporation. A published author and contributor to several standards initiatives, Richard graduated from The Johns Hopkins University with a BA degree.

Sedrick Easterling: Techical Marketing Engineer for the Embedded Systems Divison of Mentor Graphics. He currently works in product marketing and specializes in the digital home sector.

The Convergence of Embedded Applications in the Digital Home
10:00am – 11:00am CST
Oct 24, 2006
Your Place (bring your own popcorn)
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