EDA News – 2006.10.06

  • Mercury Computer Introduces Serial RapidIO-to-PCIe Bridge IP Core
    Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY) announced its Serial RapidIO(R)-to-PCIe Bridge IP (intellectual property) Core — the first intelligent bridge of its kind in the industry. The Serial RapidIO-to-PCIe intelligent bridge features complete protocol translation, an optimized dual-channel multi-threaded DMA engine, and a pipelined PCI Express-to-RapidIO mapping table to address high-throughput streaming applications as both consumer and producer. It also provides a variety of system service features including mailbox message queueing, PCIe MSI/MSI-X interrupt controller, RapidIO-to-PCIe Atomic transaction encapsulation, access protection, real-time event counters, and error management.
  • Pioneer Drives Out Raku-Navi In-Car Navigation Systems
    Pioneer Corporation announced today the release of a new lineup of “Raku-Navi” series in-car navigation systems between late October and late November in the Japanese consumer market. The new lineup comes in five HDD-based models and four DVD-based models. Out of them, two HDD-based models, AVIC-HRZ99G and AVIC-HRZ88G, are combined in sets with terrestrial digital TV tuners. It will meet the increased demand resulting from the expansion of terrestrial digital broadcast reception areas in Japan and boost the new lineup. The suggested retail prices of new models range from 147,000 yen to 325,500 yen (consumption tax included).
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