Feature Pack 2007 for XP Embedded Preview

The Windows XP Embedded Team announced the Feature Pack 2007 for XP Embedded today. The goals of the Feature Pack are to improve the developer’s experience and to enable new capabilities and Microsoft technologies on embedded devices. Interesting aspects of the Feature Pack are:

  • New EEFs! Such as File Based Write Filter and Registry Filter.
  • USB Boot! Yes, this is native USB Boot capability in XPe!
  • Enhancements to EWF and Hibernate Once Resume Many
  • Many of the bug fixes you’ve been asking for in the Tools (such as Target Designer, CMI, Import Framework, SLX/XML usability)
  • New command line tool that replicates Target Designer, enables you to script your builds and much much more!
  • Tons of work on component dependencies to reduce footprint (including removing dependencies to the full “Internet Explorer” component!)
  • We’ve added new configurable UI to common components to simplify your offline configuration of images
  • New components added to the database to address more Application Compatibility challenges
  • New macro components to allow installation of other Microsoft technologies in your runtime
  • All security patches for XPe-SP2 rolled up to the Feature Pack repository

You can get early access to the product in the form of a Technology Preview (pre-Beta). Go to their blog for instructions on how to join the program and participate in early testing.