Anyone Heard of Nucleus Mobile OS?

Last week, Mentor Graphics announced that Nucleus(R) Mobile Operating System (OS) will be available on STMicroelectronics’ Nomadik(TM) STn880x and STn881x series of multimedia application processors. According to the article:

“The Nucleus Mobile OS is the most widely deployed commercial operating system in mobile handsets. It includes support for the most important differentiating features in today’s cell phones and converged wireless devices, such as Internet and USB connectivity, graphical user interfaces and secure communications.”

I must have been on the ex-planet Pluto when Mentor Graphics announced Nucleus Mobile OS because I have never heard of it before. Is it a new name for Nucleus RTOS? Is it a special version of Nucleus RTOS? I looked on the Mentor site, but could not find anything about Nucleus Mobile OS (other than the press release mentioned previously). I sent Mentor an email, but no explanation so far. Not sure if it’s because we’re not EE Times or because we’re not potential customers.

However, I did find a new Nucleus Mobile OS site: The site was registered in March of this year. According to the new site:

“Nucleus mobile OS is a real-time operating system tailored to create cell phones. Nucleus mobile OS runs on all major platforms in the cell phone market, and in combination with the EDGE tools, provides a full platform for handset development. Nucleus mobile OS is a de facto standard for feature phone handset development. Insiders in the handset market know the name of Nucleus as the leading operating system shipping in hundreds of millions of phones.”

The last sentence suggests either (1) Nucleus Mobile OS has been around and has existed as OEM software or (2) Nucleus Mobile OS is a new name for a collection of Nucleus products targeted at the handset market. According to the new site, the companies using Nucleus Mobile OS are.

  • Airnet
  • ACT
  • Advanced Switching Communications, Inc.
  • Brighton Corp.
  • Dot Wireless
  • Hyundai Electronics
  • InterDigital Communications Corporation
  • Dolby Laboratories
  • Lake Technology Ltd.
  • Mercury – Wireless Intercom Trilogy Broadcast
  • Mobilelink
  • Motorola
  • NEC America
  • SK Telecom
  • Synchronization
  • Telecom Tech
  • VLSI

When I followed the links on the customer list, they led to existing products, such as Nucleus PLUS. It still don’t know exactly what Nucleus Mobile OS is, but it seems to involve existing products. What do you think?