EDA News – 2006.09.08

  • TI Converges at IBC with Converged Platform, DaVinci Technology
    Continuing to pioneer technological advancements by providing developers the flexible and extensive development foundation they need to grow their market presence, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE:TXN) will demonstrate at the International Broadcasters Conference (IBC) in Amsterdam, September 8 – 12, a converged platform running on a single digital signal processor and targeting multiple end equipments including video telephony, internet protocol set-top boxes (IPSTB), media centers and portable multimedia players.
  • STMicroelectronics Joins Power Management Bus (PMBus) Implementers Forum
    STMicroelectronics (NYSE:STM), a leading supplier of both microcontrollers and power-management semiconductors, has announced its membership in the Power Management Bus (PMBus) Implementers Forum as a ‘PMBus Adopter.’ The PMBus(TM) protocol is a collaboration among key players in the industry to establish an open communications standard — operating over the industry-standard SMBus interface — that facilitates programming, digital control, and real-time monitoring of power conversion systems without the need to burden the host system with multiple protocols.
  • TI, Widevine Enable Secure Video Distribution to Homes
    Widevine Technologies, the leading provider of content protection and forensic watermarking solutions for IP video, has embedded its protection capabilities into Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI’s) (NYSE: TXN) DaVinci(TM) technology-based digital media processors to facilitate secure consumption of broadcast and VOD content on a wide range of consumer devices.
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  • Rim Semiconductor Acquires 1021 Technologies, DSL Patents
    Rim Semiconductor, an emerging provider of semiconductors to the broadband telecommunications industry, today announced that it acquired substantially all of the assets of 1021 Technologies, Inc. of Kanata, Ontario, Canada, and 1021 Technologies KK of Yokohama, Japan. These assets include 16 patents and patent applications in the digital subscriber line (DSL) area, related software and hardware, a technology license agreement and other items used in the business of 1021 Technologies. The Company intends to use these assets in future releases of the Embarq(TM) E30 transport processor and in other potential products in the Embarq(TM) family.
  • Konka Leverages TI DaVinci Technology for New IP Set-Top-Box Solution
    China-based Konka Group Ltd. has developed a new Internet Protocol (IP) set-top-box (STB) solution based on DaVinci(TM) technology from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE:TXN). The Konka IPB5310, ideal for home video and audio entertainment, delivers a low cost solution that is easy to implement, boosting the adoption of IPTV services in China and worldwide.
  • SKY MobileMedia Acquires e-SIM, MMI Solutions for Mobile Handsets
    SKY MobileMedia, Inc., a leading provider of application software platforms for the wireless industry, and e-SIM Ltd (OTCBB:ESIMF), a leading provider of Man Machine Interface (MMI) solutions for mobile handsets, today announced they had reached an understanding pursuant to which SKY will purchase substantially all of the assets of e-SIM. The combined company will provide complete, customizable applications software solutions for the mobile industry scaling from ultra-low cost handsets to mass-market feature phones to WiFi-enabled connected multimedia devices.
  • SIDSA to Deliver First Mobile TV Network in Russian Federation
    SIDSA will provide the first commercial mobile TV network in the Russian Federation. The service, to be launched in April next year, with a pre-commercial period from November, will offer 15 TV channels using DVB-H technology. SIDSA will provide the DVB-H platform, the Headend equipment and the Conditional Access System.
  • ARinfotek Launches Teak 3011 Fanless Network Security Appliance
    ARinfotek Inc. is a leading provider of highly reliable network appliance and efficient solution to overcome extremely high workload and different network extremities. Recently, the company launched a trusted high performance fanless solution network security appliance – Teak 3011 for entry-level market.