EDA News – 2006.09.07

  • Mentor Debuts Latest Board Station Printed Circuit Board Design Flow
    Mentor Graphics Corporation, the market leader in printed circuit board (PCB) design software, today announced the release of the latest version of its Board Station(R) design flow for large, enterprise customers. The Board Station flow includes tools for design creation, layout and manufacture, and is designed to meet the requirements of enterprise design teams. This release offers improved integration with the enterprise, as well as improved design productivity and ‘what if’ signal integrity (SI) analysis.
  • Coresonic Selects Bert Zandhuis for VP of Worldwide Sales
    Coresonic AB, a leading provider of baseband processor technology, announced that Bert Zandhuis has been named Vice President of Worldwide Sales. Bert comes to Coresonic with over 20 years of senior management experience in business development and sales in electronic design and semiconductor companies.
  • Coresonic Unveils LeoCore-1 Programmable Baseband Processor SIP Core
    Coresonic AB, a leading provider of baseband processor technology, today announced the LeoCore-1 Programmable Baseband Processor SIP Core. With a new type of processor architecture, Coresonic has developed a programmable baseband that revolutionizes the communication industry. The LeoCore technology enables the developers of communication semiconductors to build more flexible solutions with less silicon area than fixed-function solutions. Coresonic licenses the technology as a Silicon Intellectual Property (SIP) Core thereby enabling communication semiconductor vendors and module developers to implement this powerful technology in their designs.
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  • Defence Procurement Agency Adds ARTiSAN Studio to MODAF Approved List
    ARTiSAN Software Tools, a global leader for UML 2.0 and SysML software modelling tools, has announced that the Defence Procurement Agency, an executive agency of the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), has added ARTiSAN Studio to the approved list of tools for the MOD Architectural Framework (MODAF).
  • Archos 604 WiFi Portable Media Player Ships with Opera
    Opera Software today announced its second browser deployment with ARCHOS, the global consumer electronics manufacturer and leader in portable digital entertainment solutions. The new ARCHOS Portable Media Player with WiFi, called Archos 604 WiFi, will use Opera 8.5 for full Internet browsing on the device. Opera and ARCHOS first teamed up to deliver the Opera browser to the successful ARCHOS Pocket Media Assistant PMA400 in 2005.
  • Acrosser Rolls Out Intel Celeron Ultra Low Voltage Mini-ITX Motherboard
    Acrosser’s first Mini-ITX form factor Fanless Motherboard based on Intel(R) Celeron(R) Ultra Low Voltage 400MHz and 650MHz processor accompanied with VIA CN400 plus VT8237R chipset features perfect computing performance with low power consumption.