What’s New On Embedded Star – 2006.08.11

Embedded Star added the following FPGAs, structured ASICs, and FPGA tools to their directory:

  • ChipX Structured ASICs
    ChipX offers the broadest portfolio of Structured ASICs with five families comprised of more than 50 individual targeted slices.
  • Mentor Graphics FPGA and PLD Tools
    The FPGA Advantage(R) integrated design environment from Mentor Graphics delivers a comprehensive FPGA vendor neutral system targeted to support high-complexity design requirements.
  • Synplicity FPGA Design Tools
    Synplicity(R) Inc. is a leading supplier of innovative synthesis, verification, and physical implementation software solutions for designers of programmable logic devices (FPGAs, PLDs, CPLDs).
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  • Actel FPGA
    Actel’s high quality innovative programmable logic solutions are targeted at the broad value-based high-speed FPGA markets.
  • Altera Structured ASICs
    Use your existing design environment to use Altera’s Stratix FPGAs series as your design’s front end and then test it in-system.