RoboDevelopment Conference and Exposition

The RoboDevelopment Conference and Exposition, an international technical design and development event for personal, service and mobile robotics industry, will be held December 13-14, 2006 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara California.

The development of robotic technology requires the mastery of multiple disciplines — software development, as well as mechanical and electrical engineering. Embedded and real-time constraints, along with integration issues, compound the difficulty of building such systems. The RoboDevelopment Conference and Exposition will provide technical professionals with the specialized information they need to build the next generation of advanced robotics systems, as well as offer solution providers serving the robotics market an unprecedented and unique, sales, branding and business development opportunity.

The personal, service and mobile robotics market is in a growth phase similar to that of the early days of the PC industry. Much like the PC industry, for the robotics market to reach its full potential, technical issues related to the design and development of robotics systems must be addressed. The RoboDevelopment Conference and Exposition provides this young industry with the ideal forum for robotics technical professionals to learn from industry leaders, exchange information with their peers and evaluate the latest tools and techniques for building robotics products and technologies.

Source: RoboDevelopment