NEC Expands 8-Bit 78K0S/Kx1+ All Flash Microcontrollers Portfolio

NEC Electronics America expanded its 8-bit 78K0S/Kx1+ microcontroller (MCU) series to include 10 new devices that complement the company’s all flash portfolio and provide seamless coverage of system requirements for multiple MCU applications. Three new 10-pin 78K0S/KU1+ MCUs are available in the industry’s smallest package in class, a plastic shrink small-outline package (SSOP) that measures 4.4 x 3.72 millimeters (mm).

The company is also adding to its existing low-pin-count series devices seven new 78K0S/KB1+, 78K0S/KA1+ and 78K0S/KY1+ MCUs that are available with pin counts ranging from 16 to 30 and on-chip flash memory ranging from 1 to 8 kilobytes (KB). With small form factors, fine-grained on/off control and high reliability, all 10 of the new MCUs are ideally suited for cost-sensitive white goods applications that require only on/off sequence control services, for example vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, coffee makers, microwave ovens, electric tools, smoke detectors, li ht-emitting diodes (LEDs), heaters, motors and pumps.

The 78K0S/KU1+ MCUs are in volume production now. Sample shipments of the 78K0S/KB1+, 78K0S/KA1+ and 78K0S/KY1+ devices are available now. Volume production for these MCUs is scheduled to begin in October 2006. Sample pricing is expected to range from US$1.30 to $2.

Source: NEC Electronics