Smartphones with 200 Hours of Standby

Mike Calligaro over on the Windows Mobile Team Blog has an excellent post about things that burn power on users’ smartphones. An interesting comment Mike made was that OEM’s can save a lot of standby time by making an LED blink less frequently. It’s hard to believe making such a simple change can make a big difference, but a single blinking LED consumes about 10% of the standby power on a typical phone. Here are some other big users of power on a smartphone:

  • Backlight – eats power like a whale eats plankton
  • CPU – faster CPUs burn more power than slower ones, and CPUs burn a lot less power when they’re not being used than when they’re busy
  • Cell Radio – burns a lot more power when actively sending data than when idle
  • Bluetooth – having it on and sending data over it burns more power than having it off and not sending data over it
  • Vibration – motor is probably the single biggest instantaneous power draw in the device