What’s New on Embedded Star – 2006.08.06

Embedded Star added the following CPLDs, SPLDs, FPSCs, and structured ASICs to their directory:

  • Lattice CPLD and SPLD
    CPLD and SPLD solutions from Lattice deliver an optimal fit for a variety of PLD design challenges. At present, Lattice offers the industry’s broadest line of PLDs based on their numerous families of ispLSI, ispMACH(TM) and GAL products.
  • Lattice FPSC
    Lattice Semiconductor pioneered the approach of putting ASIC embedded cores and FPGA gates on the same silicon die. They call this a Field Programmable System Chip (FPSC).
  • Xilinx CPLD
    Xilinx offers the industry’s most complete and easy to use CPLD solution suitable for a wide range of applications. Their CoolRunner and XC9500 Series CPLDs decrease development time and cost.
  • Altera Structured ASICs
    Structured ASICs bridge the gap between standard-cell ASIC technology and FPGAs, offering low unit costs combined with faster development times. Structured ASICs start with standard, pretested base layers of logic and hard IP, and the proprietary design is then implemented on the top few metal layers.
  • Altera CPLD
    Altera’s MAX(R) series of CPLDs are world-class, low cost solutions for a wide variety of digital applications. Instant-on MAX CPLDs represent the ultimate in flexibility, as they can be independent programmable solutions or complement other semiconductors in a system.