NEC Licenses Carbon Nanotube Patent to Southwest NanoTechnologies

SouthWest NanoTechnologies will license NEC’s carbon nanotube patents. SWeNT(TM) manufactures and supplies carbon nanotube materials for a wide variety of applications worldwide employing its proprietary CoMoCAT(TM) process that was invented independently at the University of Oklahoma. Anticipating a rapid increase in demand for carbon nanotube materials in a wide variety of fields and applications, SWeNT(TM) has recognized the necessity to acquire a license from NEC under its basic patents in order to expand its business.

The carbon nanotube is drawing significant attention worldwide as a core material for nanotechnology. Owing to an extremely fine structure that has a diameter measuring on the nanometer-scale (thin tube-shaped material) and superior physical and chemical properties, the carbon nanotube is expected to be used for various applications including high-resolution AFM probes, flat panel displays, extremely lightweight and high-strength materials, high performance transistors, interconnect materials, fuel cells, ultra-sensitive sensors, absorbents and conductive coatings.

Source: NEC