OpenGL ARB Transfers API to the Khronos Group

The OpenGL ARB (Architecture Review Board), the governing body for OpenGL, has voted to transfer control of the OpenGL API standard to the Khronos Group. The Khronos Group has voted to establish an OpenGL Working Group that will control and evolve this vital standard for cross-platform 3D graphics with significantly enhanced participation as ARB companies join over one hundred Khronos members involved in creating open standards for dynamic media on a wide variety of platforms.

The OpenGL ARB and the Khronos Group have long collaborated to ensure consistency in the OpenGL, OpenGL ES, OpenML, COLLADA and OpenGL SC standards. As a result of this transition all OpenGL specification-related activities will now occur under the single Khronos participation framework to enable fully-integrated cooperation between these related standards activities so that the OpenGL family may form the foundation for a coherent set of standards to bring advanced 3D graphics to all hardware platforms and operating systems – from supercomputers to jet fighters to cell phones. The multi-track Khronos organization ensures a constructive balance between inter-working group synergy while still enabling each working group to make focused decisions to meet the needs of its own target market.

Source: The Khronos Group