Redistributed Chip Packaging Technology from Freescale

Freescale Semiconductor developed technology that could replace BGA and flip chip as the dominant packaging and assembly approach for advanced, highly integrated semiconductors. The technology, called Redistributed Chip Packaging (RCP), offers unmatched flexibility and integration density — characteristics that help deliver 30% smaller packaged semiconductor solutions versus traditional BGA technology.

RCP integrates semiconductor packaging as a functional part of the die and system solution. It addresses some of the limitations associated with previous generations of packaging technologies by eliminating wire bonds, package substrates and flip chip bumps. In addition, RCP does not utilize blind vias or require thinned die to achieve thin profiles. These advancements simplify assembly, lower costs, and provide compatibility with advanced wafer manufacturing processes utilizing low-k interlayer dielectrics.

The technology is easily adapted for 3G mobile phones and a broad range of consumer, industrial, transportation and networking devices that can benefit from the consolidation of electronic components into a single, miniaturized system. Using RCP and PoP technology, Freescale has fabricated a radio-in-package that measures less than 25 x 25 millimeters. The radio-in-package contains all of the electronics required for a 3G mobile phone including memory, power management, baseband, transceiver and RF front end modules.

Source: Freescale Semiconductor