Five Things Linux Can Learn from Microsoft

Linux-Watch has an interesting article about what the Linux community can learn from Microsoft. Here’s the list of the top five things Linux can learn from Microsoft.

  1. MSDN – there are no easy-to-use guides on how to program successfully in open-source.
  2. Common Interface – users want to learn one way to do all their general tasks.
  3. Common Format – Linux doesn’t have enough support for the Open Document Format (ODF).
  4. Marketing – need to get the Linux message in front of customers every day.
  5. OEM Support – desktop Linux needs to be pre-installed because the vast majority of users will never install an operating system in their lives.

The article made several excellent points, but let’s be real here. The Linux community considers Microsoft the evil empire and they are not too keen on being more like Microsoft.

Found via the Windows XP Embedded Team Blog