Microcontrollers Penetrate Industrial and Automotive Industries

As a result of requirements for high performance, higher bit core microcontrollers has penetrated various market segments such as industrial and automotive. With increasing demand on comfort and safety requirements, the automotive market is facing high levels of requirement for higher bit core microcontrollers. Industrial applications like energy meter and medical test equipment use 16-bit architecture to meet the requirements. These demands will likely further increase the need of more higher bit microcontrollers to meet the performance requirements.

Microcontrollers of all bit cores are used in vehicles. The 8 and 16-bit microcontrollers are used for low-end applications and lower cost vehicles, while the 32-bit microcontrollers are used for high-end application and high end vehicles. Currently, 30 to 40 microcontrollers are used in low-end vehicles and about 70 microcontrollers are used in high-end vehicles. These requirements are continuously increasing and it is highly likely that the count of microcontrollers in vehicles will further increase in the future.

Source: Frost & Sullivan