Choromet Humanoid Robot

The Japaneses have done it again. This time they created a humanoid robot that looks like a Transformer. The robot is called “HRP-2m Choromet,” or “Choromet,” for short.

Choromet humanoid robot

Chromet is 35 cm high, weighs 1.5 kg, and has 20 degrees of freedom. It has triaxial force/torque sensors on its legs and accelerometer and gyroscope on its trunk, and a small, energy-saving controller developed at AIST that is driven in real-time by Linux (ARTLinux).

Choromet was developed to be small and inexpensive. For this reason, it uses a servomotor for hobby robots. Moreover, its link structure allows it to be made with metal plates, but it was designed so that there would be as little offset as possible in the joint axes. The rigidity of this robot has reached the level where the effectiveness of its motion patterns can be tested at the same level as movement patterns for humanoid robots.