PortalPlayer Wins Innovation Award

Congratulations to PortalPlayer for winning the Frost & Sullivan Innovation Award. They received this award for the development and successful launch of the PrefaceTM platform.

Preface is a new technology platform that enables the development of a second user interface on notebook computers called a personal media display (PMD). The PMD works with the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system to provide Always On access to information and media stored in the notebook.

The PortalPlayer Preface personal media display (PMD) technology platform enables a second user interface in new notebook computers that integrates with Windows Vista through a new feature called Windows SideShow. The combination of these technologies enables notebook computer manufacturers to introduce a PMD for notebooks that is Always On and links to the programs and data stored on the main system.

Preface is also a new platform for developers to create mini-applications and gadgets that give users new functionality and access to information beyond what was previously available. The main components of the Preface platform include a low power processor, a small second display, flash memory and user controls that can be installed in various locations, including the notebook lid opposite the main display.