Ha-ha. Career Builder, the site that powers our jobs section on Embedded Star, has this funny web-hosted monk-e-mail software that is cool and really funny. This isn’t related to EDA, but its too cool not to blog about. The process is a simple five-step process.

  1. Select one of three chimps for your monk-e-mail.
  2. Outfit your monkey with headgear, clothes, glasses, and other stuff. You can also select a backdrop for your monkey (airplane, office water cooler, etc).
  3. Add audio by selecting a pre-recorded message, write your own message (text-to-speech), record your message with your phone, or record your message with a mic.
  4. Preview the monk-e-mail so you can see what you are sending.
  5. Send the monk-e-mail to your friend.

After a holiday here in the US, what better way to be productive than to send monk-e-mails to all your friends. Enjoy!