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Here’s are some interesting articles on this week:

RTOS Dissatisfaction
In the article, Jack Ganssle states that in some cases it might make sense to skip the operating system to minimize expenses. A rtos also consumes system resources and can cause a task to run late and crash the system. In addition, engineers are becoming more dissatified with rtoses and are fleeing to free or smaller alternatives like Micrium, CMX, Keil, etc.

Realtime programming in Java: Part 1
Inadequacies of Java for realtime programming
The authors, Dr. James J. Hunt and Dr. Fridtjof B. Siebert, describe how developers can eliminate unpredictable latencies introduced by Java’s garbage collector, exercise full control over thread priorities, and handle asynchronous events with ease.

Realtime programming in Java: Part 2
Events, devices and safety critical Java
This article identifies the drawbacks of conventional Java in real time systems related to events and devices, deals with real time garbage collection, and examines the safety critical portions of RTSJ and the tools for correctness verification.