Micron MT9V022 Automotive CMOS Image Sensor

Chipworks released a report last week about the Micron MT9V022 Automotive CMOS Image Sensor. The Micron MT9V022 is a CMOS image sensor designed exclusively for the automotive environment. Recently, Micron was awarded a patent related to the MT9V022 pixel architecture.

The MT9V022 uses an unusual five-transistor (5T) pixel architecture, in which each pixel has a separate pixel reset transistor (T2) connected directly to the pixel photocathode. The MT9V022 boasts a 100dB+ dynamic range. This enables the sensor to capture scenes containing both low light levels (down to sub-0.1 lux) and direct sunlight.

Pixel Size: 6µm x 6µm
Array Format (active): 752H x 480V
Imaging Area: 4.55mm x 2.97mm
Color Filter Array: Monochrome or RGB Bayer
Optical Format: 1/3 inch

Micron MT9V022 Automotive CMOS Image Sensor
Die Photo – Plan View

This is what is in the report:

  1. Overview
    • Table of Contents
    • List of Figures and Tables
    • Introduction
    • Major Findings
  2. Device Overview
    • Package and Die
    • Die Features
  3. Process Analysis
    • SEM Images (No TEM Images)
    • General Device Structure
    • Bond Pads
    • Dielectrics
    • Metallization
    • Vias and Contacts
    • Transistors and Poly
    • Isolation, Wells, and Substrates
  4. Pixel Array Analysis
    • SEM and SCM Images
    • Cell Analysis – Schematic
    • Cell Plan – View Analysis
    • Cell Cross-Sectional Analysis Parallel to Rows
    • Cell Cross-Sectional Analysis Parallel to Columns
    • Cross-Sectional Analysis of Filter and Lenses
  5. Critical Dimensions
    • Horizontal Dimensions (Metals, Vias, Transistors, Poly, Isolatin, Bond Pads, and Pixel Cells)
    • Vertical Dimensions (Dielectrics, Metals, Poly, Diffusions, Wells, and Die)

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