Windows CE vs. Windows Mobile

Apparently some people are confused about Windows CE and Windows Mobile. Fernando Zandona has a post about the differences between WinCE and WM. According to the post:

“Windows Mobile is not Windows CE (and vice-versa), Windows Mobile has Windows CE as its core – WM 2003 was based on WinCE 4.x, WM 5.0 is based on WinCE version 5 – plus a standard shell, applications and APIs.”

The post explains that Windows CE is a RTOS that you can use to build robots, industrial controllers, Internet appliances, etc. WinCE comes with a Platform Builder tool that allows you to select the components you want for your platform. Developers can extend the platform you created, but the platform will not be a set standard.

On the other hand, Windows Mobile is a standard platform for PDAs and cell phones. The Windows Mobile team selected the Windows CE components for the WM platform and created a kit for vendors. Devices based on this kit are known as Windows Mobile-based devices.