WiMo the Windows Mobile Robot

Cool! Brian Cross created a robot with Windows Mobile. He calls the robot, WiMo. The name is short for Windows Mobile and is pronounced Weemo.

WiMo uses a Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone as the central brain of the robot. Communications between the Smartphone and microcontroller is handled via Bluetooth. WiMo can also be remotely controlled with a Pocket PC via WiFi. The action pad of the Pocket PC is used for standard movement (up, down, left, right, stop).

According to Brian’s blog, WiMo has 2 modes: (1) personality mode and (2) camera mode. In personality mode, the Smartphone’s screen is facing forward and displays a picture that represents WiMo. Currently this is just a photo that is sent down to the Smartphone from the Pocket PC. In camera mode, WiMo rotates the Smartphone so the camera faces forward and starts streaming video using DirectShow.

WiMo is learning to make conversation and respond to voice commands via some new prototype APIs in Voice Command. WiMo can respond to his name, tell jokes if asked, and even dance.

Want to build your own WiMo robot? You’re in luck. Brian will be posting step-by-step instructions in the future. Can’t wait to build one myself. I wonder how long WiMo will survive in our house. My two-year old son destroys just about everything in our house. “Danger, WiMo Robinson! Zachary approaching. Danger!”

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