RoboBusiness Conference and Exposition

The RoboBusiness Conference and Exposition will take place June 20-21 in Pittsburg, PA. According to the email I got, the event will focus on the commercial application of mobile robotic and intelligent systems technology to develop a new generation of smart, mobile devices for multiple markets including:

  • Consumer Market
  • Commercial Market
  • Civil Market
  • Defense and Security Market

The RoboBusiness Conference and Exposition consists of two full days of enlightening keynotes and general sessions in five tracks delivered by the world’s leading robotics, business and investment professionals from across the globe:

  • Business Development and Partnership
  • Technology and Standards
  • Applications and Products
  • Investment and Opportunities
  • Markets and Industries
    • Security and Defense
      Military Robotics; Law Enforcement and Public Safety Robotics
    • Intelligent Transportation and Field Robotics;
      Teleoperation; Autonomous Transportation; Warehousing;
    • Healthcare Robotics
      Hospital Automation; Assistive Technology; Rehabilitation Technology; Telepresence Systems;
    • Consumer Robotics
      Intelligent Toys; Entertainment Robots; House Care / Lawn Care; Assistive Technology Educational Robotics

You can register for the event here.

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