Welcome to EDA Blog

This is my first post on EDA Blog. Several times a week, I plan on posting content about tools, software, hardware, and components used in the EDA industry. Some of you are probably wondering what’s the difference between EDA Blog, Embedded Star, and EDA Geek?

Embedded Star was the first site I created and the biggest. It got so big (around 30,000 pages) that I decided to post all new press releases on a new site, EDA Geek. Embedded Star will remain a directory of companies, papers, and downloads. In addition, Embedded Star will also publish contributed articles and eventually, original content (I just cloned myself, but I have to wait for mini-me to grow up in order to help me write original content).

EDA Blog will be used to point out interesting information about the EDA industry. By EDA, I don’t mean just the tools used to design chips. I am also including the hardware and components used to design systems. If you work for an “EDA” company and want to share something with our readers, feel free to email me at info@edablog.com.

In summary, Embedded Star = articles and directory of vendors, papers, and downloads. EDA Geek = press releases. EDA Blog = commentary site.

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